Friday, 2 September 2016

Back on Track

This week - in the nick of time before August quit on us, we passed a total of 8000 books donated this year. this means we are back to the average of 1000 books per month that we like to see.

During the summer we received huge numbers of school books where the curriculum is changing (though the maths books should be ok - 2+2 still =4 and H20 still means water.......). some of these books have gone to our friends at BAFA in Sunderland (Book Aid for Africa) some will go to people waiting for decisions on their asylum applications.

We are delighted that HMP Low Newton are now putting shelves around the prison so that people can have more access to books of all sorts. They took 200 a few weeks ago and have just been back for a further 300. We emphasise that they are welcome to allow the women to keep whatever books they want to keep. We can fill the shelves again every month if that's what's needed.

We are fast approaching our 15th birthday - we will celebrate this, together with the first birthday of our little sister, The Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library at the library in Eldon Garden on 10 September. We hope the cake rises, otherwise it's bread and water for all !

Oh and by the way, we now have a Total Giving account, just in case you are feeling generous.