Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ready to Roll

We've moved the 200 boxes of books into the new space, unloaded 5 pallets of stationery and are currently moving the last boxes out of the garage.
The library shelving is in place (thanks to some wonderful volunteers found via the Freecycle Cafe,) and the shelves are starting to fill up. It is so wonderful to have one whole room devoted only to English books and another room for all the other languages.

There will be plenty of space for volunteers and we hope to be able to help a number of people to learn some basic office skills and become familiar with the world of books. More on this later, but plans are afoot. For now it is just a huge pleasure to be able to unpack books into an organized, clean space and be in a position to invite groups to come to us for books and other items we have to give away. The plentiful supply of stationery we have received from Staples is certainly more than welcome at a time when so many small charities and community organisations are strapped for cash as a result of all the cuts.

Be sure to contact us if your group needs books so that we can make an appointment. Email us: borderlinebooks [@] blueyonder.co.uk