Wednesday, 12 September 2012

This was how the car looked after cramming in the second load of books from Greenfield School in Newton Aycliff a couple of weeks ago.

Having packed them very randomly into boxes as they were unloaded in Team Valley, some brave souls came along this week to unpack the whole lot and sort them into those books that may be suitable for a school in Zimbabwe and those which are better for local use. That was a much larger job than the volunteers from New Hope North East had bargained on, but with tea and shortbread, they battled on.  The result is that it is now clear what English grammar books are available and how many copies of each. It seems that anything more than one copy is something of a luxury in many schools.

Last week we had a visit from some members of the drop-in centre in Sunderland who were happy to leave with a collection of books for themselves and friends who were unable to come this time. We are hoping that we may be able to offer space for writing groups or language classes since the building is so well-suited for welcoming groups.

We've also been phoning round to remind local organizations that they should come and browse the shelves which are full to bursting. We particularly like to invite Womens' Aid to bring groups of women who enjoy reading so they can choose books for themselves and their children. It is up to them whether they take the books for keeps or bring them back and take others. There are enough books for everyone. - the only stipulation is that they remain FREE OF CHARGE and are not sold by anyone. They are donated to us to be given away free, and that's the way they should remain.

Don't forget: Cumberland Arms, 27 September, 7.30 for a great night of music, poetry and goldfish.