Monday, 20 October 2014

A Date for your Diary

Another of our stupendously delightful open day fundraisers coming up - just making sure that you save the date and don't go off having birthdays, getting married or other nonsense. You know this is the place to be..........

We've been receiving loads of books, which are expertly stamped and cleaned up by young people doing reparations and we've given away loads too.... We're almost at 5000 so far this year, which means we will certainly beat last year's record.

We have been doing outreach to care homes, retirement villages, hospices and neuro centres and will be building on that as time goes on.

We've also received funding from the Hospital of God at Greatham and the Jill Franklin Trust and a donation from MG Northumbria to pay for some more bookshelves....... we keep growing out of the shelving.  Thanks so much to all these for their support - and for the donations that appear in the collection box from people coming to collect books from us. Every penny is appreciated.

In the next few months we hope finally to be able to start our long-awaited Multi-Lingual Library and are also talking to various organisations about starting new Borderline Books chapters in other towns around the North-East. We are particularly interested in working with groups supporting people leaving prison as it makes such a great project to get people back into life on the outside and can also offer training in all kinds of work skills.

Our literacy project for young people, WordPlay is still waiting to start - everything is in place apart from the candidates.... we know there are plenty of young people in the area whose literacy skills are far lower than they should be, and we are really excited to get some youngsters into the pilot project to find out what fun can be had from words and reading.
Two of the tutors will be demonstrating a session at the open day in November, so if you are thinking of bringing people to us to be cajoled into reading, come along and see what fun it will be.