Sunday, 14 February 2010

How did it get as far as Valentine's Day before I wrote a new entry here? Life I guess.
As ever, things are in a State of Flux (voting next week...) - the project in Groningen is suspended indefinitely while they move to a new and much larger space. Pity - we just got a big grant for the project, but will have to return it as we can't do it within the specified time.
Tra la and so it goes...

In Leiden things continue as before, but since I am about to make tracks for England on a more permanent basis, we are in serious need of people to keep the project developing. We have one constant volunteer who patiently stamps all the books as they come in. We need more people to help with outreach and bright ideas - and to follow up our existing contacts.
Next week we will have a meeting to brainstorm about the future and have hopes that this will result in a new project starting up in the Hague by one of the organizations which makes regular use of our books.

In England we are still stuck with a store-room which is not sufficiently insulated, so are in serious need of a new space where we can also have volunteers working. We really need to take ALL the books out and have the builders in to sort out the dampness and put in decent insulation before that space can be used for anything.

But spring is on the way and that's when new projects can flourish, so keep an eye on this space and think along with us - we need new spaces everywhere! any town large enough to have people without homes needs a Borderline BookSpace.

We're looking to do some serious networking in the UK. Borderline Books is a super-flexible project and can fit with all sorts of existing projects... so let's get busy