Monday, 18 May 2015

Sliding into Summer

There seem to be too many things on the brink of happening and we've kept putting off making a new post until there was something to announce.

But yes, there IS now a Borderline Books in Bradford. This is being run by Incommunities - Open Field. It opened on March 12... and we are hoping for an update from them on how things are going. The last we heard was 'slow but sure' which is always the best way to start.

Ashlyn and Mina are running this new BookSpace at City House, 23-27 Cheapside, Bradford BD1 4HR. Phone 01274 257788 or email for opening times.


In all probability the next new bookspace will be in Durham after which we have our eyes on Carlisle, York, Leeds, Manchester............ Please contact us if you are interested in running a BookSpace where you live or work.... it's a very simple principle:

Recipe for a BookSpace


1 or more human beings (size and shape immaterial)
1 space (your own or shared) – size: relative
1 table
1 rubber stamp saying:  
                                        free books – free minds
Liberal helping of enthusiasm
Two basic beliefs
1) That everyone has the right to enjoy reading a book
2) that books are not suitable for mashing.
Generous quantity of books

Take a book, place a rubber stamp on fly-leaf and/or title page. Put it in a crate / box / shelf / heap

 Repeat indefinitely

Contact local organizations supporting refugees and migrants, homeless people, survivors of  domestic violence and their children, victims of trafficking, former prisoners and others with limited  or no access to books and tell them free books are available for them.
Invite them to come along and choose the books they need.

Repeat indefinitely

For your very own office in a box, initial supply of 500 books and the benefits of experience, write to