Friday, 27 November 2015

A really Spacey BookSpace!

We've finally moved all those books upstairs into the West Wing at 5th Avenue Plaza. It took about a month (again) to move all the furniture, shelving and something like 23,000 books up into the new unit. It's very spacious and open... nowhere to hide any mess, so we are going to have to be tidy at all times!

Official opening times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday, 11.00 - 17.00
occasionally we can be open later if necessary. No Saturdays. And please make an appointment.
In the new year we hope to be open on Wednesdays as well.

We are doing our best to let everyone know that they should come as soon as possible to get books for their clients / members / service users / friends / pupils in time for Christmas.

This is only half the story!

We'll post photos of the children's room next week when everything is in place. Some of the teddies are still on holiday.We'd like to let you know in advance that the carpet is lovely and new and soft and we'll be making sure there are nice spots to sit on the floor with the toddlers and read BOOKS!

So come along soon - it is BIG and we have more books than ever on more subjects than ever and as usual we will not allow groups to leave with silly numbers like 43 if it could be 50 or 86 if it could be 100!

The full address is now:
West Wing (bell 7)
5th Avenue Plaza
Queensway North
Team Valley NE11 0BL

It is now upstairs, but there is a lift. The shelving is much more widely spaced than previously, making it far more accessible for people using wheelchairs. Also the front door on the West Wing side has much better access as there is no parking space plumb in front of the door, as on the East Wing side where we were before, making loading your car a lot simpler!

All in all, a good move!

jingle bells, and all that :-)