Monday, 18 March 2013

Make a Date!

Put it in your diary now..... Sunday 28 April.....

We're holding an open day / fundraiser at Borderline Books from 2 in the afternoon. there will be music and poetry, food and fun, an auction, a raffle and surprises of all sorts.

It will be a great chance for those of you who haven't visited yet to see the amazing range of books we have in a variety of languages. It will also be a chance to network with people from a number of local organisations working to improve the lives of vulnerable people around Newcastle and Gateshead.

It will be family friendly, wheelchair friendly, people friendly ... easy parking, lots of outside to smoke in.

Should we tell you some of the people who are coming to make it great? Poets Pippa Little, Peter Mortimer, Catherine Graham, Aidan Clarke, Sheree Mack, Mandy Maxwell.... writer Shelley Day Sclater - to name but a few.  With music from (at least) Nezzie and Theo

We have a special team doing the catering ... more about that a little later. It will be clean fresh and healthy vegetarian food - no alcohol, no fizzy nonsense.

Entry: £3 / £2 concession   Exit: One book
for the record, we currently receive no funding from anywhere except the small personal donations given by visitors who think Borderline Books is a Great Idea!

In the meantime an update of what we have been doing for the last year or so.... with photos of the library we helped the West End Refugee Service to set up:

And a book corner at the People's Kitchen

Plans for the future include filling more bookshelvesin local community centres and drop-ins for people without homes. We would also like to supplement the work of the local libraries in retirement homes. there must be so many people who give away their favourite books when they move into care homes and many of them may regret this later. We'd love to attempt to supply books which the library may no longer have in stock and welcome people to contact us if they would like to give us booklists for us to try to track down for you.
We absolutely don't want to take over the great work done by the local libraries with the 'read at home' service, but would like to be able to take over where they leave off.

support your local library while you still have one!!